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Customer Testimonials

I bought the 8 port unit and could hook-up two TVs that I wasn’t using (one was for the kids room – relief at last !) My wife noticed the big difference on the all news channel. I noticed a difference on the FM Radio that I have through my cable – the sound was much better!

 Bryan J.


The 4 port unit is great, really cleaned up the picture. My cable Internet service is also working just fine!

 Darryl K.

My husband is a real tech fanatic. He hooked it up, and couldn’t believe the difference, especially on the big screen TV we just got!
I thought the lawn boy on Desperate Housewives looked a lot better too!

 Deb T.


I hooked up a 4 port unit myself. It was a snap! The three TVs had a huge improvement, and now we can hook up a fourth TV in my teenage daughter’s room. Great product.

Judy M

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