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If your TV picture looks snowy or grainy, or if there is pixelation or checkerboarding, it is caused by a weak signal reaching your TV or set-top box.

You can dramatically improve the picture on your TV with an Electroline DROPAmp™ Cable TV signal amplifier.



The new model: EDA 2500MMA & 2900MMA has been introduced to replace the FT08300.

ACTIVE RETURN - ensures a strong signal is returned to the cable network supporting interactive services (Pay per View, On-Demand etc.)

DATA PORT - separate port for Data/VoIP modems - simplifies your installation and ensure data signal do not interfere with TV signals

"WHOLE HOME DVR" - a special internal splitter enables DVR signals to be passed in the 1125-1675MHz band, without interfering with incoming TV signals.

This powerful combination of features makes this the "State of the Art" in-home CableTv Signal Amplification solution.


Electroline DROPAmp ™ is the Gold Standard in the Cable TV industry, with over 3,500,000 million units installed, here's why:

  • Very low noise figure - the critical performance factor for amplifiers
  • Low flatness - maintains a stable signal across the spectrum
  • Bi-directional - essential for interactive services
  • Surge protection - added protection & long life
  • 1 Year Warranty - built for years of trouble free operation

These are just some of the highlights of this quality line of amplifiers.




There is lots of additional information on this site to help you understand how an Electroline DROPAmp™ can improve your TV picture!
Which one is right for me?

What are the causes of a weak signal?

There are 4 main causes:

1] Splitters
2] Cable Run Attenuation
3] Connectors
4] RG-59 coax cable



This is the single biggest cause, and the easiest one to fix (with an Electroline
DROPAmp™ of course).

Any splitter, from the ‘dollar store' special, up to the $25+ versions, will create a
signal loss in the following amounts:

# Ports

Typical signal Loss per port
2 way

- 3.5 dB per port
3 way

- 5.0 dB per port
4 way

- 7.5 dB per port
6 way

- 9.0 dB per port
8 way

- 10.5 dB per port

This is a huge amount of loss, and contributes directly to the snowy, grainy

How to gain up to 14.5 dB of signal strength ?


Very simple in fact - simply replace the splitter with an amplifier, and presto,
you've turned signal loss into signal gain!


How does a DROPAmp™ amplifier work?

It's actually a fairly sophisticated piece of engineering. At the heart is the Gallium
Arsenide (GaAs) chip technology, which allows for strong amplification, while
having minimal noise figure.

See the inside view for yourself:


What about Cable Run Attenuation & Connectors?

In order to get a signal to your TV, you have to have cable, and the cable needs connectors to complete the hook-up.

These are necessary system components - but they do cause signal loss, which is all the more reason you need to amplify your signal to overcome these other sources of signal loss.



Simply put, the further a signal travels over coax cable, the more signal it looses.
The signal frequency also matters. Digital TV, including HDTV, run at the 550+MHz frequency, where signal loss is quite severe:

Frequency Signal loss per 100 feet - RG6
54 Mhz (channel 2 - analog) - 1.50 dB
550 Mhz (digital) - 4.65 dB
650 Mhz - 5.09 dB
750 Mhz - 5.50 dB
862~1,000 Mhz - 5.93 dB

Comparing a digital vs. an analog signal, it's like adding in another splitter.


Between the cable entry point, and the back of your TV, there will be as many as 7 connectors on the various cables. Each connector typically loses between 0.25 and 0.50 dB. So that translates into a total loss of 1.75 - 3.5dB.
Again, it's like adding another splitter!


RG-59 Coax cable

This is the 'thin' coax cable that is often used because it is less expensive than RG-6 - the thicker cable. The loss of signal is about 30% higher on RG-59.
Referring to the chart above, at 862 MHz, the loss on 100 feet of RG-59 run would increase to about 7.7 dB. Another massive reduction of your available signal!



The HDTV signal comes through the cable wire like any other signal. It is a digital signal, so it is more susceptible to the Attenuation discussed above. The cable
company provides a special digital box which then processes the signal, and is typically connected to the TV/panel with a special HDMI cable.

In order to ensure you have a great HDTV experience, an Electroline DROPAmp™ amplifier will deliver a strong signal to the set top box.


Internet Service

The broadband service from the cable company also comes over the same wire as your TV signal.

In order to ensure the best possible Internet (and Cable VoIP phone service), we recommend that all the broadband services be 'split-off' (using a 2  way splitter). This creates a 'Broadband Leg', and a 'TV Leg', and keeps the signals separate. 

The introduction of the EDA 2900MMA & 2500MMA models simplifies this with a special port for directly connecting the Data/VoIP modes(s). The special port is passive, so these signal will pass to the network, even if there is no power to the unit itself

Interactive TV Services

In order for your Cable TV interactive services (Pay per View, On-Demand, TV listings etc.) to work, there is a signal that starts at the set-top box and is returned back to the network. However, this signal is also weakened by the same issues as the inbound signal. 

For the TV Leg, Electroline has developed a special feature called ‘Active Return'  - available on both the EDA 2900MMA & 2500MMA models.

The 'Active Return' feature amplifies the set-top box signal going back to the network. This ensures that the interactive services will operate properly, and there will be no disruption to your cable TV service.


If you can install a splitter, you can install an Electroline DROPAmp™. All models
use a coax connection, so it will fit right in to your existing in-home wiring.
Plus, all models have Weather-proof housing - so if necessary, you can install it
on the exterior of your home.

Which model is right for me ?

The Electroline DROPAmp™ line has four models available, to meet a variety of
installation and budget requirements.

Follow this link to get more information to guide your choice.


What if I buy one and it doesn't perform as promised?

We have a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked. If it doesn't
perform to your expectations, send it back - we'll refund your entire purchase


So what's the bottom line?

Well, if you're TV picture is snowy or grainy, or just not a crisp & clear as you would expect, or if you are experiencing pixelation on the digital channels, then you are likely suffering the ailments associated with a weak signal at your TV. The solution is fairly simple - you need to boost up the signal with a high quality, durable amplifier - the Electroline DROPAmpTM .

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